My Services
Tom Dongo
Paranormal, UFO, ET Researcher.  
Keynote & Speaker.
Remote Viewer.   Medical Intuitive.
These things called "Paranormal" [UFO sightings, ET contact, exploring alternate reality & spiritual life forms, all things typically unexplainable]
are normal in my 'world'.   These are the things that drive many of the passions in my life.

Over 40+ years I've been fortunate to speak at large international & U.S national conferences...  all the way down in size to a private group of a few people, inclusive of providing one-on-one speaking engagements  - &/or -  private tours

Today I provide the following & still thorougly enjoy doing it:

*  private speaking engagements to all size private groups, including individuals
*  private out on-the-land tours to all size private groups, including individuals, to places in the greater Sedona, Arizona area ~
    that most people don't know exist
*  Keynote and/or Speaker services to conferences
*  display & review of a one of the world's best 'show & tell' photo collections, samples of which you can see on my "About Me" page

My fees are as follows :
[on a sliding scale depending on the size of the group]
$200. minimum

                                                                                             For any of these services & more,
                                                                                                         please call me at